I Love UFO - Dirty Animals

France isn't known for its noisy garage-rock but I Love UFO are here to change that. Dirty Animals is their second album of high pitched, noise-rock squall and sees the band displaying exactly why they are seen as one of the best live bands in France at the moment. Capturing the band's energy is always going to be a hard task but here they have managed to distill the energy and discordant riffery onto a little silver disc (or MP3, whatever). 'Die With The Snake' has an almost Kyuss-like feel to it, while 'Ashtray' sees Butch Mckoy's vocals sounding like David Bowie fronting The Stooges. A thrilling journey throughout, lets hope that they can bring themselves over to the UK as soon as possible.



out of 10
Category Capsule Review

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