I Am Arrows - Sun Comes Up Again

Well this is an extremely pleasant surprise. Ex-Razorlight drummer Andy Burrows' side/solo project isn't 45 minutes of dreary MOR rock but is instead a burst of breezy pop rock that will brighten up even the dreariest day. Lead single 'Green Grass' is a perfect showcase with its jaunty guitar hooks and simplistic, but effective, chorus and it's a formula that is frequently revisited throughout the album. In truth, it's perhaps a formula that is eventually found out to be too thin by the end of the 14 tracks but there are highlights throughout: 'So Long Ago' has a rhythm that could be as suited to a ballroom as it could be to a festival and 'Another Picture Of You' is reminiscent of Burrows' current other band We Are Scientists if they decided to go twee. If it had lost a couple of the more forgettable tracks like the sickly sweet 'Hurricane' and the completely pointless minute-long 'Monster's Dash', Sun Comes Up Again would have been a much more cohesive effort and stronger for it. However, it's still an impressive effort from someone who sounds like he's finally allowed to make music the way he likes it and it's a joy to behold.



out of 10
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