Huoratron - Prevenge

Finland’s Aku Raski is obviously a happy-go-lucky kind of guy. The moniker he has chosen to release his dark and dingy electro is Huoratron, pronounced Whore-A-Tron. Why he didn’t actually spell it like is a mystery only he can answer but the name was obviously chosen for its perceived shock value, something it quite patently fails to do. A further attempt to outrage the easily-offended was made on the sex and violence filled horror video for lead off track ‘Corporate Occult’ but again it added little to the tune it was meant to support. So, after all these attempts to traumatise, what about the actual music? Well, the seven tracks on show here have been collected from his previously released EPs Corporate Occult & $$ Troopers but you’d be hard pressed to notice any progression from one to the other. Each tune is doom laden and the throbbing beats barely alter as each song merges almost seamlessly in to one another. This really is the kind of music best heard at 3am in a dimly lit basement club in Berlin and, although it can have an almost hypnotic edge to it, Prevenge really doesn’t bear repeated listens, especially on a gloriously hot summer’s day.



out of 10
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