Hookworms - The Hum

The Leeds five piece return with the much anticipated follow up to their psychedelic tour de force Pearl Mystic. Given that their debut was a genuine sleeper hit on a modest indie label (Gringo), it's refreshing to see Hookworms' DIY mentality finding success on the back of some relentless touring and a pair of still talked about shows at End of the Road festival. If they are setting themselves up as this generation's answer to MBV and Spacemen 3, The Hum's space rock brutality has the tunes to back it up.

The Hum follows the same pattern as its predecessor: six conventional rock tracks and three instrumental interludes set everything nicely into place. Centrepiece - and album taster - 'Radio Tokyo' still kicks up a mighty storm, recalling The Stooges at their most playful (they still love that incredible organ sound). MJ's vocals are as visceral as ever, combining a fearsome blend of pure melody and brutal distortion with 'Off Screen' proving a particular highlight. If you want a raw rock record to get your blood racing - but with genuine substance behind it - then look no further. Royal Blood - who are they? Exactly.



out of 10
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