Haunted George - American Crow

This album is dirty, sickening and just plain grotty but that couldn't be said in a more appreciative way. Haunted George is the alias of Steve Pallow, who used to be in bands such as The Beguiled and The Necessary Evil's during the 90's. Now he's taken to making noisy, fuzzed up rock & roll dirges that plague your dreams and eat away at your sanity. American Crow is fifteen tracks of reverberating guitars, droning percussion and tormented vocals and with songs like the brilliantly named 'Shed of Doom' he's created a record that sounds like a deranged Gene Vincent. From the hypnotic psychedelia of 'Buzzards Ate His Flesh' to the demented country jaunt that is 'Witch Girl from the North', Steve Pallow's vocals are an unsettling and fascinating proposition. Welcome Haunted George to your nightmares with open arms.



out of 10
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