Harlem - Hippies

At first glance Harlem appear to be yet another hipster lo-fidelity in-joke; a guitarist and drummer who switch instruments and share vocal duties....oh deep joy. But let’s not rush to judgement for they’ve recently bolstered their line up to include a bass guitarist and, bugger me, those are recognisable tune I hear! ‘Tis true, with Hippies Harlem have unleashed their inner baby boomer beat group. Check ‘Be Your Baby’ for a faithful recreation of the kind of Palais dancefloor filler peddled by the sharp suited High Numbers (Who?) . Elsewhere they conjure up the ghosts of pretty much every act involved in phase one of the British Invasion, with ‘Torture Me’ sounding not unlike Cobain fronting up the Kinks. If you want to find out why the Beatles caught the attention of the planet then this is as close as you will get to those sweaty Cavern gigs where it all began. If you love rock n roll then forget trying to spot Paul (thumbs up for the camera) McCartney from the back of the stadium and follow the guttersnipes for a night with Harlem.



out of 10
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