Grasscut - 1 Inch / 1/2 Mile

The duo of Andrew Phillips and Marcus O’Dair, aka Grasscut, have crafted an intricately detailed and resolutely English sounding album in the shape of 1 Inch / ½ Mile. Supposedly based around a journey across the landscape of Britain, this record is full of strings, clicks, beeps, beats and some rather English folky vocals. ‘Meltwater’ is a trip through the mountains of Wales replete with haunting accordion-esque sounds and clattering percussion, while the almost twee-sounding ‘The Door In The Wall’ sounds like they’ve been taking a few lessons in ‘folktronica’ from Tunng. ‘1946’ is a sparse and eerie song, full of crackling sampled vocals and a distant chiming in the background, while cello enters into the mix and it all ends in a ghostly feeling of peace. For a debut album, this is as strong a statement of a singularly unique and pastoral vision of modern electronic music as they could have made.



out of 10
Category Capsule Review

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