Gogol Bordello - Trans-Continental Hustle

First impressions can be notoriously deceptive and can often lead to some wonderful music being discarded before it has been given a chance to worm its way in to your soul. On first listen, the latest offering from Eugene Hutz’s band of immigrant gypsy punks seemed to lack the edge that made their previous outings such a joy. However, by the time you are up to three or four run-throughs those foolish notions will have been destroyed as the unbridled joy of the songs on display forces you up and dancing along to the ramshackle punk anthems. As on previous albums, their songs are laced with political intent but even the most studious opponent of their beliefs would find it hard not to raise a smile as songs such as 'Pala Tute' and 'Immigraniada (We Comin’ Rougher)' drive you to your feet. Not since the heyday of The Pogues have we seen or heard a band so gloriously dishevelled yet unashamedly brilliant and enjoyable as Gogol Bordello. Working with Rick Rubin may have helped shave off some of their rougher edges but his know-how has helped them carve out their best album to date. Catch them live at a festival near you soon, you won’t be sorry.



out of 10
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