George Demure - The Drifter

The Drifter is the ambitious second album from dapper Scot George Demure and it’s certainly an interesting package. Don’t be fooled by the cowpoke cover, the music is a million miles removed from the Rawhide imagery. Demure is clearly a serious talent who’s equally at home with a bank of synths as he is with an acoustic guitar and tambourine, and he’s totally unfettered by the constraints of conventional genres. There’s an inherent danger that such rampant eclecticism can result in a disjointed, unfathomable album but somehow Demure manages to buck the odds and turn the results of his magpie eye into an engaging and polished whole. Highlights are the sultry ‘Eliza’ which recalls the epic sweep of latter day Sisters of Mercy and the brooding ‘Dress Me Up’ which treads a similar path to the equally dapper 80s icons Japan. Best of the bunch though is the incredible title track in which Demure takes on the mantle of Englebert Humperdink on a track which is packed with classic pop references and rivals the revivalism of St Etienne. Well worth investigating.



out of 10
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