Ganglians - Monster Head Room

When we interviewed Surfer Blood earlier this year, one of the bands they recommended to us was Sacramento’s Ganglians. So when their album Monster Head Room washed up on our shores there was much excitement. Make no mistake, this is an album that gives far more than a cursory glace to America’s past, containing more nods to Pet Sounds than the nodding dog on the parcel shelf of Brian Wilson’s Micra. But if you are going to wholeheartedly embrace your influences, one of the greatest albums ever made can’t be a bad starting point. Everything here shimmers in a resonant echo, album highlight ‘To June’ comes to you from world’s most ambient lagoon with vocals reminiscent of the Red House Painters. With such gorgeous retro sound-waves ebbing from the speakers you’ll be in your Speedos long before the album closes.



out of 10
Category Capsule Review

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