Gabby Young And Other Animals - One Foot In Front Of The Other

Gabby Young And Other Animals is a strange concoction. Built around vocalist supreme Gabby Young - and too many other excellent musicians to name - the band release their third album One Foot In Front Of The Other of mixed up musical styles. Influenced by Jeff Buckley and jazz, the Bath born singer is the driving force, her voice at the centre of everything. Previously described as “circus swing", this latest release is more of the same which, when it’s as beguiling as this, is a good thing.

With the music genres lined up like a vaudeville freak show, Young and her band move from style to style. If love songs are your thing there are a few, notably the fabulously straightforward ‘Fear Of Flying’ which is sung and arranged beautifully; the dark and moody ‘Another Ship’, and the perfectly pitched romance of ‘Smile’. Or maybe jazz is more your thing? Then ‘I’ve Improved’ has its roots in the past and lyrics in the present ("I Googled the Earth”) while ‘Time’ is a brassy showtune. There’s a bit of spaghetti western drama with ‘The Devil Has Moved In’, and the song that probably sums them up the best, opener ‘Sur la Lune (A French Ditty)’. Slightly weird, mostly wonderful, thankfully Gabby Young And Other Animals are sticking to their guns.




out of 10

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