Frog Eyes - Paul's Tomb: A Triumph

Frog Eyes return after three years with Paul’s Tomb: A Triumph. And what a triumph it is. This is a record of vibrant, urgent and exciting rock music, characterised by the brilliant howl of guitarist/vocalist Carey Mercer. At times sounding like Win Butler from Arcade Fire, his vocals are aggressively heartfelt and the element which keeps the entire album together. ‘The Sensitive Girls’ is a three minute tour-de-force of frantic strumming and echoing drums, while Mercer’s voice on ‘Rebel Horn’ weaves in between the picked guitar lines which then turn into heavy riffing. They’ve also added the delicate backing vocals of Megan Boddy to their chaotic sound, her voice merging with the piano in ‘Lear In Love’ to create a fitting contrast to the yowls of Mr Mercer. However, the standout track comes in the form of ‘Violent Psalms’, a haunting little ditty full of eerie synths and mournful acoustic strumming, a welcome respite from the power that has come before. Despite the three year gap between albums, Frog Eyes have clearly not lost their way and may well have made their best record yet.



out of 10
Category Capsule Review

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