Free & Bad Co

Released to coincide with Bad Company’s 2010 UK tour dates this album of remastered classics presents the highlights of Paul Rodgers' career in one neat package. There can be few bands who’ve suffered so much at the hands of others than Free and Bad Co, with most people under the age of forty knowing their greatest hits second hand via a million dodgy pub bands. You might think that you know songs like ‘Can’t Get Enough’ and ‘Feel Like Making love’ but it’s not until you hear the creamy analogue burr of these expertly remastered versions that you can really appreciate quite how great they really are. The album is presented in counter chronological order and so, depending on your perspective, the album either gradually improves or declines as it regresses from the soulful pop/rock of Bad Co back to the organic blues rock of Free. Rodgers certainly takes centre stage on the Bad Co material whereas on Free tracks, such as the inevitable ‘All Right Now’, we find him sharing the spotlight with the guitar mastery of Paul Kossoff. Oddly enough, and perhaps through the curse of over-familiarity, ‘All Right Now’ feels the weakest track on the album and it is lesser known tracks such as ‘Rock n Roll Fantasy’, which lays out the ZZ Top blueprint, which are most engaging. What this collection confirms, above all, is that Paul Rodgers is one of the most under rated rock talents that Britain has ever produced.



out of 10
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