Frames - Mosaik

Frames aren’t a rock group. They are purveyors of great musical innovation, storytellers without words and as close to rock music as Sigur Ros are to the Beatles. Their debut album, Mosaik, uses thrash metal guitars, but it does so with the precision and purpose that Beethoven employs his ballsy string sections. The academic axe-wielding is neatly coupled with movements of sublime synths and drums to create swirling sound storms, almost as if Air were in a wild horses-style fight with The Trans-Siberian Orchestra. As a debut, this German four-piece Frames have set the bar intolerably high. Admittedly, it would benefit from some more variety in the arrangements but it’s hard to imagine that a band who have forged such a unique and engaging sound as their first volley are ever going to stop experimenting.



out of 10
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