Fortune - Staring At The Ice Melt

Staring At The Ice Melt is the debut album from this French four-piece, who grew outwards from what was originally a solo project for vocalist Lionel Pierres. It's hard to avoid drawing comparisons with their fellow countrymen Phoenix, with this record at points sounding a bit like their Gallic contemporaries chewed up and spat out of a synthesiser. It doesn't come close to matching them though. The dense party-time indie of 'Bully' squelches along nicely, but the dodgy soft-rock of opener 'Under The Sun' is a closer indication of what's to come. The squashed bass of 'At Night' and rotten 80s synths of 'Highway' mark the point where those influences start to curdle into cheese, and by the time we reach the distorted hiss and heavily affected melodrama of closer 'Poison' it's all become a bit too much.



out of 10
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