Fire On Dawson - Prognative

Listening to Prognative, the debut album by multicultural German band Fire On Dawson, you struggle to believe that it is from 2010; so strong is the influence from the early 90s Seattle grunge scene, in particular Pearl Jam, you'd be forgiven for thinking it’s a long lost record finally dug up after 20 years. Which is strange given the band label themselves in the press blurb as prog – it's even in the album title – though this tag is rather tenuous and superficial; the music does bear a passing resemblance to the likes of Oceansize, but only in the same way those bands do to Pearl Jam. Opener 'Hit Me' is a great slab of grunge angst with its thunderous guitars and barked vocals venting over a violent father. Unfortunately the album heads downhill rather rapidly thereafter, alternating between tired third-hand grunge riffs like the wan 'Let The Games Begin' and dull lacklustre acoustic ditties such as the bland 'Deliah'. Occasional passages will lift the feeling of dejection, most notably during 'End Of May' and 'Stuck In Infinity', but even these bright spots fail to last the duration of an entire track as the whole piece fades back into abject mediocrity.



out of 10
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