Filthy Pedro & The Carthaginians

When he's not busy pretending to be Spanish, Filthy Pedro is actually Simon Parry from Anglesey who, along with Tom Mayne of David Cronenberg's Wife, is the founder of the UK Antifolk movement. This is important to understand when approaching Filthy Pedro & The Carthaginians' debut album as otherwise you'll just think it's a collection of out of tune tracks performed by people with a lack of musical competence. It still sounds that way but at least you know it's meant to sound that way which might lower the expectations somewhat. The album itself is a strange combination of insulting the mannerisms of small town communities like on 'They Kicked Me Out Of Anglesey' and historical tracks that focus on Ancient societies like on 'History Lover' and 'The Julio-Claudian Caesars'. Your enjoyment of it will mainly depend on whether you can enjoy the shoddy nature of the music, although it does sometimes stumble upon a catchy hook, and Pedro's often childish, generally offensive, lyrics such as on 'Man. I'm Old!' where Pedro states that he's "drank with Gilgamesh and Abraham, slept with the Pope that wasn't a man / I'll whoop anyone who says it isn't so". A final nail in the coffin is that the album lasts for a mammoth 21 tracks, albeit not all of them are full-length tracks, so even though you might start off enjoying the irreverence, it soon starts to drag.



out of 10
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