Figure 5 - Bonfire

Reading the biography of Figure 5 leads one to believe you are about to suffer through another dreary bog-standard indie album that will rapidly disappear from the memory. Support slots with the likes of terminally rubbish bands such as The Fratellis only increase the sense of foreboding as the opening chords of ‘Secrets & Lies’ start up. It is a pleasant change to have those prejudices quickly dismissed as this is finely crafted album of Spaghetti Western tinged, psychedelic indie pop, combined with hints of The Coral, an obvious but not overpowering influence. The horn-led mariachi stomp on ‘Rock of Gibralter’ perfectly sums up the prevailing sense of enjoyment prevalent throughout. There are a few minor missteps along the way, especially on the anaemic closer ‘Outside’, but these slight mishaps can be easily forgiven as Bonfire is a thoroughly enjoyable album that exceeds all expectations.



out of 10
Category Capsule Review

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