Fang Island

"Music for people who like music," they say, encapsulating the bullshit-free approach of Fang Island and their hugely enjoyable mix of multi-layered AOR guitars with soaring Flaming Lips harmonies. And it's the three-guitar blitzkrieg of Messrs. Bartell, Georges and Sadler that raise the widest grin: huge spirals of classic rock sherbert, pitched somewhere between the balls-out riffery of Thin Lizzy and Justin The Darkness Hawkins' knack for catchy symphonics. This is indie rock for the post-Guitar Hero generation; the fretwork may be the antithesis of the "here's a chord, here's another - now go and start a band" mantra of punk and its descendents, but today's floppy-fringed kids simply stick an X-Box joypad up at such quaint notions, happier to crack open another Red Bull and rack up some bonus gaming points before bedtime. Truth be told, the tracks do rather run into one another, breaking only for the calypso-tinged 'Treeton', but if the likes of the furious 'Daisy' don't put blisters on your fingers then you need to go and find yourself another hobby, for you truly fail to rock. Fang-tastic! (Oh, come on! Like I wasn't going to use that at some point ...)



out of 10
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