Faithless - The Dance

Sometimes you can judge a book by its cover. Sadly, the half-hearted sleeve art for Faithless' The Dance really is a reflection of the musical contents. If you've heard so-so current single 'Not Going Home', you've heard the best thing here. It's not the only re-tread of the stadium trance sound they forged with classic tracks like 'Insomnia' and 'God is a DJ'. Other examples include 'Tweak Your Nipple' (frankly irritating) and 'Feelin Good', on which Dido's bored vocals don't mix at all well with the buzzy synths. 'Crazy Bal'heads' (an 'update' of Johnny Clarke's reggae tune 'Crazy Baldheads') sounds great until you conclude it's more cheeky rip-off than creative sampling; Faithless really haven't added enough to call the track their own. Die-hard fans of the band will undoubtedly find enough here to keep them going, but everyone else may want to keep their fingers crossed for the new album by those other survivors of 90s dance, The Chemical Brothers.



out of 10
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