Enter Shikari - The Mindsweep

A band still on the rise, Enter Shikari have seen sales climb and have worked their way up the festival ladder as a result. Working themselves into a position to capitalise on a dearth of meaningful rivals in the rock/rap/electronic melting pot, their future seems secure - especially after 2012’s A Flash Flood Of Colour was a big time breakthrough for the St Albans four piece.

In trying to repeat that success, The Mindsweep unfortunately ends up being derivative and less interesting. Whether it’s the sub-Prodigy quality of ‘Anaesthetist’ or the Linkin Park aping of ‘Let Go Of The Microscope’, the needle on the dial is pointing resolutely towards 'charmless'. There are odd flashes of inspiration (‘Myopia’) and vocalist Rou Reynolds still has much to get off his chest, but only the faithful are likely to see it through to the end. Heavy on the venom, but light on inspiration, The Mindsweep doesn't quite know where its head is at.



out of 10

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