Elliott Smith - Roman Candle

As is often the way with these things, Elliott Smith's suicide in 2003 significantly raised the profile of an artist whose five album track record had failed to make him a household name. Roman Candle, released back in 1994 contains only nine tracks (four of which have ‘No Name’) and comes in at a little over half an hour. The original made Moldy Peaches records seem over-produced and this revised ‘more listenable’ re-release remains so delicate a puff of air might cast the songs into the darkness. Smith purists will undoubtedly be up in arms about perceived tampering with musical legacies but the ‘new’ version will hopefully open up a new wave of fans to the sometimes painful, often astounding back catalogue of the troubled troubadour. Raw for sure, but still oh so beautiful.



out of 10
Category Capsule Review

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