Eddy Current Suppression Ring - Rush To Relax

Those who caught earlier albums by Eddy Current Suppression Ring should have no real complaints with disc numero three, containing as it does another love letter from the heart of Aussie low-rent New Wave. They can still pull out utter charmers like 'Gentleman' ("When it's cold outside I'll lend you my coat / When you're feeling hopeless I'll offer you hope") and gnarly wig-outs ('Walked Into A Corner') that inhabit the same kind of world as Television Personalities and the late Jay Reatard. Where things go slightly awry is when they decide to let loose with extended jams/workouts like 'Second Guessing' that will play great up-close and personal, but don't work so well in the lounge environment. Resolutely DIY (the entire album was recorded in five hours or so) but a guiding hand might have told them to save the noodling for the stage and stick to the tighter arrangements that they excel at.



out of 10
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