Echo Lake - Sink EP

The four songs on this debut EP from these Bedfordshire rockers are decent enough slices of emotional rock music. Yes, Emo, a dreaded label that brings unwelcome visions of persistently miserable teens sulking over the latest AFI album. Whether Echo Lake want to be labelled as such is up for debate but the perky exultation of “Woo” on opener ‘Sink’ is a nice nod to the recently re-released ‘New Noise’ by Refused but the song itself sadly lacks the raw power of those Swedish legends. The generic rocker ‘Untied’ has a nice key change in the middle that teases an interesting avenue that is left unexplored as it reverts to type. ‘Spark’ follows without many of the titular sparks flying. 'Eyelid' closes the EP but, despite its acoustic arrangement, adds nothing to their already well-defined template. In the end there is nothing left but a distinct feeling that this is a band with talent and desire but who need to find a more interesting way of expressing themselves if they want to reach a wider audience.



out of 10
Category Capsule Review

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