Digitonal - Be Still My Bleeping Heart

The brainchild of Andy Dobson, Digitonal is a collision of minimalist electronica and classical instrumentation that the man has been peddling around since 1997. Be Still My Bleeping Heart is a collection of tracks recorded and re-recorded between 2002 and 2008, and showcases the obvious skills of a person who has a love for both The Orb and Philip Glass. Utilising the talented session musician and violinist Samy Bishai, some of these tracks really come alive with the more organic instrumentation, in particular the opening track 'Come and Play' with its stuttering electronics and toy-like beeps, the strings embuing a dramatic touch. However after a couple of pieces it all begins to get a little samey, with the classical instruments all sounding a little too overpowering and the music becoming nothing more than background music. The concept of string-laden electronica has been done before to varying effect and unfortunately this just doesn't stay interesting enough to be anything more than a stepping stone, albeit a very intriguing one, in Andy Dobson's development.



out of 10
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