Dexters - Shimmer Gold

I do like a good guitar-y indie band. Some might say it was a weakness, but gimme some killer riffs, a big singalong chorus and I'm as happy as a clam. So I feel pretty indulgent towards London band Dexter's debut offering, Shimmer Gold. While others may scoff at its one dimensionality, its derivative nature (nothing here that hasn't been done more effectively by The Courteeners and Kaiser Chiefs), it still has an oomph and spirit that can't help but win you over.

Opening track 'Cloudfest' charges in, setting the tone for what's to come. 'They're Blind' and 'Start To Run' are also strong, blazing tunes. After that however, it does start to get a bit repetitive. 'Never A Right Time', 'The Hard Way' and 'Worth Your While' are largely interchangeable. Is that Liam Fray on the phone? It is? What does he want? Royalties? Mmmm. Still, Shimmer Gold is decent and shows real promise, but let's give them a bronze for now and tell them to keep at it.



out of 10

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