Devil Sold His Soul - Blessed & Cursed

British post-metal upstarts Devil Sold His Soul seem to have followed up their debut album with a record that is better in every way. Gone are the sometimes meandering instrumental passages, the slightly dirty production and at times grating vocals. In go ever more effective atmospherics, soaring emotional chorus' and more interesting riffs. Their first album was by no means bad, but with Blessed & Cursed the band really have come into their own after always threatening to make something as epic, progressive and crushingly heavy as this. Opening track 'Tides' embodies this perfectly, mixing dramatic strings and enormous sounding riffs while vocalist Ed Gibbs sings and screams his heart out. 'Drowning / Sinking' continues this with more sky-filling guitars and a closing section which is as sad as it is brilliant. The eight-minute 'A Foreboding Sky' sounds exactly like its title, with chiming piano and muffled haunting vocals that sound like the calm before the storm of riffing which breaks out after. Devil Sold His Soul have done themselves proud on this record and they sure as hell deserve the attention it will inevitably attract them.



out of 10
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