David G Cox

Alongside releasing his debut album, David G Cox is completing a PHD in Black American Folklore and Gospel. Perhaps this academic interest explains why the record is so surprisingly rich and intriguing. Opener 'The Serpent's Tale' is grounded in Dixieland jazz and has a growly vocal. Think Tom Waits. 'Please Don't Cry', were Cox's voice pitched a little higher, could be one of Mercury Rev's piano-lead tracks. It is 'Merry-Go-Round', however, that best holds the key as to why I'd recommend Cox over many other male artists currently doing the rounds. Part of the haunting melody is very similar to a track on Fyfe Dangerfield's Fly Yellow Moon, but, while Dangerfield seemingly wanted his back-to-basics album to reach out to the Radio 2 listener, Cox and band aren't scared to head off into darker territory reminiscent of Leonard Cohen. His sometimes gloriously mournful voice will only aid the comparisons.



out of 10
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