David Dondero - Zero With A Bullet

Self proclaimed American troubadour David Dondero has definitely been curling up at night with the Paul Westerberg Book of Weird Left of Center Prose. Zero With A Bullet is an impressive effort, full of cool indie-folk that is currently all the rage; there's angst, there's introspection, there's troubled musings and self-depreciating humour all wrapped up nicely in Dondero's folksy vocals and simple yet effective melodies. The very Replacements-y opening track 'Jesus From 12 to 6' crashes in like a rowdy teenager followed by the twitchy 'Caught The Song', both fine examples of Dondero's clever song writing. The beautiful title track is another highlight with Dondero's homely voice at nifty odds with the sad violin accompanying him. Unfortunately the rest of the album doesn't quite live up its early promise: 'It's Peaceful Here' slows things down a bit, the rather twee Country & Western embellishments not really working dragging the otherwise pleasant song down and the clunky 'Carolina Moon' sounds empty and unfinished. This is still a promising effort though; David Dondero's music, while at times clumsy and awkward, is off-beat and interesting, his personality shining through on every track, and that's more than what you can say about the mush you hear on the radio these days.



out of 10
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