Colours Of One - Bad News Makes Big Noise

Colours Of One are the latest addition to a line-up that includes Lostprophets and Kids In Glass Houses, seeking to establish South Wales as the capital of the UK rock scene. Unfortunately their debut mini album, Bad News Makes Big Noise, doesn't show anything to suggest they might be capable of making the same level of impact. That this is self-released might be significant to its shortcomings, with the artistic freedom trading off against the input of a more seasoned hand. Three of the six tracks are over six minutes long which isn't a bad thing in itself, but when they don't contain any memorable hooks or choruses, they end up meandering and dragging themselves over the finishing line instead of imprinting themselves into your subconscious. Even the attempts at finger-shredding solos fall disappointingly short and flat and would be the first thing that a more autocratic producer/record label would trim. All of these concerns are underlined by the fact that the band's attempt at a short, straightforward rock track, 'Leech', ends up being the strongest effort on the album. Perhaps being too critical of Bad News Makes Big Noise is harsh on the band considering it's only their debut, but when Colours Of One are attempting to stand out in an already overcrowded genre, you have to feel that they needed to make a stronger first impression.



out of 10
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