Coheed and Cambria - Year of the Black Rainbow

They may appear to be named after a firm of Scottish solicitors and dress like they’ve escaped from a photoshoot with Country Living but, make no mistake, Coheed and Cambria are here to rock and they do so in remarkably po faced style. After a sedate instrumental start the listener is dragged kicking and screaming into a conceptual universe, of which Year of The Black Rainbow is the fifth instalment, full of pain, war, disaster and torture where nothing matters anymore. Listen lads, I can cope with Prog, I can cope with metal and, hell, I can even admit to dabbling with the odd concept album but when you whine about destruction, don’t you know that you can count me out? When on form, such as the soaring ‘Here We Are Juggernaut’ C&C rival the mighty Queensryche but all too often the album slumps into an identikit emo wasteland which quickly becomes tiresome in the extreme. For those who’ve already invested the time in the previous four albums then Year of The Black Rainbow, probably in the deluxe format resplendent with ‘making of...’ DVD and a (you couldn’t make this up) 352 page novel, will no doubt be an essential purchase. For the rest of us, life’s too short.



out of 10
Category Capsule Review

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