Circle of One - Tied to the Machine

It’s time again for a plucky English band to try their hand at making the kind of all-pleasing melodic-rock that seems to do so incredibly well over in the States. Circle of One’s debut full-length is an album chock full of soaring choruses, retro-rock solos and a skill that most bands would kill to have. It’s just unfortunate that they haven’t used all of this to make something a little more unique. There’s no denying that Tied to the Machine is a solid modern-rock record, but it all sounds so familiar on tracks like ‘Power of One’ and the very Staind-esque ‘Everday Miracles’. The vocalist sounds a little like Klaus Meine from Scorpions, just without the accent and all the lyrics deal with the same old well-trodden subjects of love, loss and on the rare occasion politics (never a good idea). At the end of the day this is well executed, and deftly produced. It’s just a shame the band can’t step out of the shadow of the countless other bands of their sort who can do this quite a bit better.



out of 10
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