Childhood - Lacuna

Riding along on a high of the now obligatory positive hype, the familiar drip feed of EPs and singles has whet the appetite for this full length debut from Childhood. Having been pumped up by mainstream press for almost two years now the London lads don’t live up to those expectations on the long-time-coming Lacuna. A collection of middling indie pop, this harks back to the heady days of indie landfill when any band with a guitar and a singer got airplay. In the scramble to declare guitar music not dead the industry is finding history repeating itself.

Written by founding duo of frontman Ben Romans-Hopcraft and guitarist Leo Dobson, the sound of their shared love of psychedelic and guitar music is threaded throughout the album’s lazy hazy eleven tracks. Their approach to success on ‘You Could Be Different’ seems to be banging drums and droning vocals over an unmemorable guitar riff, whilst they reach their nadir early - third track ‘As I Am’ sounds like they can’t really be arsed. It’s not all bad: the retro electronics of ‘Tides’ and whirring guitar of ‘Right Beneath Me’ lift the spirit a little, but there’s a distinctly underwhelming feeling. There are dubious hints of latter day Klaxons (‘Falls Away’) and by the end, the songs seem to have merged into one long track and the finger is hovering on the skip button. It’s a pity there’s not more verve in their delivery - the world could do with bloody decent guitar band right now.



out of 10

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