It would be very easy to be overly snotty about the self-titled debut from London based four-piece Cheatahs, for their swirling, shoegazey sound has done the rounds many times over the years. Dismiss them mere copyists at your peril though, as the sheer joy and exuberance displayed on the opening trio of ‘1’, ‘Geographic’ and ‘Northern Exposure’ kicks grumpy up the pants and onto the first night bus out of town.

Downsides do exist: the mundane ‘Mission Creep’ and a slight feeling that all the songs sound a bit too samey, but the psychedelic garage rock stompers of ‘Get Tight’ and ‘Leave To Remain’ soon help you put those doubts to one side. A solid debut from a band sure to win many fans with their raucous take on a long loved musical genre.



out of 10
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