Cat's Eyes - The Duke Of Burgundy

The duo of Faris Badwan (The Horrors) and Canadian multi-instrumentalist Rachel Zeffira come together under the Cat's Eye's banner to soundtrack Peter Berberian Sound Studio Strickland's film drama, an erotic tale of lesbian sub-dom that has caused some controversy in early previews. Their weapons of choice are largely Baroque in nature - intertwining flutes, harpsichords, strings sections and acoustic guitars - and the results are occasionally pretty but rather unsubstantial.

Album opener ‘Opening Credit Song’ is by far the most complete and upbeat track on the album, and by clocking in at just over two minutes, there’s not much to judge. Zeffira’s voice is distant, soft - and slightly out of tune on occasion - setting the uneasy tone for the whole record. ‘Lamplight’'s strings slowly build before modulating synths filter through to create a tense atmosphere. This formula rarely deviates (fingerpicked guitar part with swelling string sections) and Zeffira's vocal interludes are few and far between. Sound effects or spoken word pieces (‘Dr. Schuller’) pad the running time. Cat's Eyes sell the murky tones of the film well, but as a standalone album, this is an uneven, and failed, experiment.



out of 10
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