Carlton Melton - Pass It On

More psych-rock goodness from those fine people at Agitated. This time it comes courtesy of Carlton Melton, a band born out of a love for experimentalism and a desire to blow your mind with screeching, proggy riffs. Kicking off with a stunningly good cover of Pink Floyd's 'When You're In', they take the two and half minute original and transform it into a lumbering, seven-minute kraut-rock beast. Quite a contrast then to the subsequent track 'Found Children', with its dreamy soundscapes and just a hint of fuzz bubbling up from underneath. Much of the rest of the record continues this way, never returning to the dense distortion of the first track and instead opting for a sparser, textural sound with layers building up and instruments flowing in and out of the mix. 'Drizzle' recalls some of the quieter moments of Japanese noise-merchants Boris, while closing track 'Star of Hazel' is a 16-minute trip that leaves your mind at rest as the chiming guitars and swathes of synth wash over you. A journey to get lost in if ever there was one.



out of 10
Category Capsule Review

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