Caitlin Rose - Own Side Now

Debut EP Dead Flowers set out Caitlin Rose’s stall as a proper country singer - and a star in the making. Own Side Now, her full length debut sets out to cement her reputation as country’s one-to-watch and most likely to cross over. There have been changes here – there’s less of the cheeky attitude, where 'Gorilla Man' told the tale of simian love and she found herself suggesting the surgeon general “suck my dick” on 'Docket'. In its place is something more straightforward songwriting wise, but none the worse for it. The first thing you’re likely to notice is the power of her soulful, languorous voice, but that would be nothing without tunes to back it up, and there’s tunes aplenty, from the driving beat of 'Shanghai Cigarettes' to the poppy 'Spare Me' via a cover of Fleetwood Mac’s 'That’s Alright'. Recent single, the 'For The Rabbits' showcases both perfectly, as she begs an old lover to "Fall back into my desperate arms" with a voice so full of longing, you wonder how anyone could refuse. When Caitlin asks “Who’s gonna take me home?” on the beautiful piano and pedal steel ballad, Own Side Now', she needn’t worry - on the strength of this confident debut, she’ll have no shortage of takers.



out of 10
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