Bushman's Revenge - Jitterbug

The stoned (immaculate) opening jam of the Yoda-tastic 'Always In Motion The Future Is' doesn't quite prepare the listener for what is to come. Norway's Bushman's Revenge have left their jazz roots behind a little and this follow up to 2009's You Lost Me At Hello sees them blossom into a full-blown, instrumental guitar power trio. 'Kill Your Jitterbug Darlings' powers along on the kind of riff Josh Homme has been looking for over the last few years and there's some semi-tasteful guitar solo-ing on show too; the low-in-the-mix organ - courtesy elephant9's Stale Storløkken - brings to mind a furiously head-pumping Jon Lord. The organ re-appears in the cheekily-titled 'While My Guitar Gently Breaks' which could be an off-cut from any adventurous, late 60s rock album - and a slice of unashamed tribute to the period. The middle of the album is more downbeat, like a freakier Black Sabbath, before the hard boogie of Motorhead's 'Damage Case' picks up the tempo once more. Things close with the laid-back washes of 'Waltz For My Good Man', bringing to an end a coherent and varied album of free-flowing jazz and prog-inflected classic rock. The lack of vocals may hinder repeat spins but for those of a mind, this is worthy of a quick unfurling of the freak flag.



out of 10
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