Boys Like Girls - Love Drunk

Competent (just) but a galaxy away from being stirring, arresting, notable. Boys Like Girls' second album is, allegedly, ‘looser’ than their first, with the emphasis on sounding energised and ‘raw’. If you believe that, I know some Geordies who might be interested in that coal you’ve got on offer. Boys Like Girls are doing their bit to further the myth, gaining a foothold amongst the female (don’t pretend otherwise) teenage population of the world, that rock ‘n’ roll equals skinny jeans, hair cuts that require a reasonably advanced understanding of trigonometry and the odd token tattoo. But not too many cos they hurt. (Did I did see a picture of one of them a while back wearing a Whitesnake t-shirt? Oh grow up, for god's sake.) ‘Love Drunk’ you will know. No ? It’s the song all over the damn radio that you may have mistaken for Metro Station. Or Cute is What We Aim For. Or You Me at Six. The entire album sounds the same. Really. I don’t really feel compelled to qualify that. That’s laziness on their part, not mine. Stick in as many ill-advised little blasts of feedback as you like, but I know product being assembled when I hear it. I can smell the sweat of the design office from here. Rock ‘n’ roll are you, lads ? Give over. On ‘Two is Better Than One’ a female voice appears cooing along with lead singer Martin Johnson. Checks booklet … who could it be? Hayley Williams? Joan Jett? Kristin Hersh? Oh no. No, it’s Taylor Swift. Pass me my gavel. And because I’m professional and you’re not, I do a little research before I pass sentence. I might, after all, have BLG down as commercially motivated knobs of the highest order when in actual fact they’re highly favoured by Jello Biafra and about to go out on ‘The Anti Bloody Everything Tour’ with Gallows, Nine Inch Nails and Meshuggah. That’s when I find this nugget : “In an April 2009 interview with Paste Magazine Johnson explained that many of the songs on Love Drunk were written using templates from computer programs like Cakewalk Sonar and MasterWriter, and were market tested for album inclusion.” Which, in anyone's book, surely, makes Boys Like Girls Pro-Tools of the very highest order.



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