Bonded By Blood - Exiled To Earth

A thrash concept album based on an alien-infested apocalyptic future 600 years hence, by a band in such adoration of their teenage heroes they’ve called themselves after Exodus’ debut – surely you’re onto a loser? Well, actually, no. Bonded By Blood’s second effort Exiled To Earth is exactly what you expect and hope for from a dye-in-the-wool old school thrash record with vicious riffs and furious guitar solos liberally scattered throughout, but without the sycophantic worship or immature failings of so many newer bands. Having said that, the production on Exiled To Earth leaves something to be desired; although everything is clear and crisp, it also sounds far too distant – it lacks that ear-splitting punch that has become key to the thrash sound after Slayer perfected it in the late ‘80s. There is still a lot to enjoy here: tracks like ‘Desolate Future’ and ‘600 A.B. (After The Bomb)’ will get just about anyone nodding their head as they come roaring out of the speakers at a million miles an hour to rip your face off. For good or ill, BBB have achieved what they quite obviously set out to and followed the age-old blueprint laid down by the thrash veterans of yore in both execution and, more importantly, spirit.



out of 10
Category Capsule Review

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