Black Francis - Nonstoperotik

Black Francis, the bald hollering Pixies frontman returns with yet another solo effort to add to his ever growing catalogue. After last year’s excellent Petit Fours under the Grand Duchy moniker (created with his wife Violet) expectations are high that he’s going to come up with the goods again. The album itself is themed around sex, but Mr.Francis has worryingly become the anti-Prince and is in desperate need of some Viagra. Nonstoperotik is quite possibly the most dour and middle-of-the-road thing he’s ever done. Considering some of his solo albums have been underappreciated gems (pick up Teenager Of The Year and Dog In The Sand if you see them in the racks) this is quite a let down (in every sense of the phrase) . It never really goes anywhere and fails to muster any emotion or energy on any of the eleven songs on offer. Special mention must go to ‘When I Go Down On You’ which is the audio equivalent of watching softcore porn with your parents. Get the missus out of the bedroom and back in the studio, please!



out of 10
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