BK & Anne Savage - Pandemic - The Album

Pandemic - The Album (as opposed to Pandemic - The Frisbee or Pandemic - The Beer Mat) may mark a collaboration between two heavyweights of the hard dance genre, but does nothing to shed any light on its puzzling appeal. Whether superficially impersonating 'old rave' via breakbeats and DIY screechy vocals, covering well known dance tunes (such as Shades of Rhythm's 'Sweet Sensation') or pounding the unfortunate listener with beats that won't so much test their energy reserve as their pain and boredom thresholds, this is an utterly charmless affair. Bits of it even sound like Scooter. Yes, [insert strong expletive of choice] Scooter. I suspect anyone capable of enjoying this will be a good few years off legally seeing the inside of a club and probably off their nut on oink oink.



out of 10
Category Capsule Review

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