Bertie Blackman - Secrets And Lies

Despite being her third album, Secrets And Lies is Bertie Blackman's first album to be released in the UK and she's arriving on these shores with a whimper and not a bang as it's only being released digitally as a low-key release. It's unfortunate as there are some truly brilliant tracks on display here such as 'Thump' and 'Byrds Of Prey' which contain huge choruses that just latch onto your subconscious and don't let go. There's seemingly also a competition on to create the filthiest track ever with both 'Black Cats' and 'Come To Bed' combining Blackman's breathy vocals with dirty electro beats resulting in tracks that are almost as alluring as they are catchy. It's not all about the beats though with 'Town Of Sorrow' being a dreamy, subtle opening track, so contrasting to what follows that it might well have served better as a closer, and 'Shout Out', a stripped-back acoustic affair that highlights the strengths of Blackman's vocals. For anyone familiar with Bertie Blackman's earlier material, Secrets And Lies isn't really a drastic change of style but the previous two albums have allowed her to hone her skills and make her debut in the UK with an incredibly accomplished album full of electro pop/rock gems. It surely will get a wider release but you won't be disappointed if you make the effort to uncover Bertie Blackman's Secrets And Lies now.



out of 10
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