Beatsteaks - .Limbo Messiah

Bounding out of Berlin come Beatsteaks with this their fifth album, which finally hits the UK some three years it was released in their homeland. Quite why it is taken so long to make the short trek across Europe is a mystery as it packs more fun and thrills in to its thirty minutes than the plethora of pop-punk clones that invade our airwaves could manage between them. The Foo Fighters-like stylings of ‘As I Please’ may not be the most promising start to an album but from then on we are regaled with a series of songs infused with elements of hardcore, reggae and straight down the line punk rock. ‘Jane Becomes Insane’ is the insanely catchy first single that calls to mind the funky brilliance of early Jane’s Addiction. The staccato beat of ‘Demons Galore’ and rockabilly rhythms of ‘Bad Brain’ provide proof, it it were necessary, of a band with the skills and confidence to take elements from different genres and blend them to their own needs. .Limbo Messiah may not see Beatsteaks elevated to arena filling rock gods but for anyone with a desire for intelligent and well crafted punk rock it is a breath of fresh air.



out of 10
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