Band Of Skulls - Himalayan

That distinct heavy beat, Russell Marsden's gnarly vocals, the rich Sabbath-drenched riffs that permeate the whole album - yeah, we've been here before, we know where we are. "And I'm safe and sound, in air-conditioned bliss...thank God for A.B.S / 'Cos where we are going is anyone's guess."

Himalayan is a joy-ride with the map flapping in the wind with Southampton troupe Band of Skulls fiddling with the radio, trying to keep their eyes on the road. There are butt-clenching rockers oozing with a glam rock panache (the excellent title track and fiery 'Hoochie Coochie') as well as Bond song contender 'Cold Sweat' - a decent enough torch song elevated by Emma Richardson's beautiful vocals. More twists and turns then await, with some radio-friendly songs like the lovely 'You Are All That I Am Not' and 'Get Yourself Together'. Lots of variety and some killer riffs make Himalayan a first rate offering that should see Band Of Skulls firmly entrenched on the M1 to the Big Time.



out of 10

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