Audio Bullys - Higher Than the Eiffel

Despite being a permanent fixture on festival circuits and the lineups of warehouse party all-nighters, you might be surprised to learn Higher Than the Eiffel is Audio Bullys' third album. They've had some substantial single success with the likes of We Don't Care, Gimme That Punk and, of course, the Nancy-samplin' Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) but their first two albums failed to find a wide audience. Will Audio Bullys' Eiffel tower over previous incarnations? Unfortunately, the dancefloor duo look beyond said dancefloor and, rather than constructing a set of quick-fix club bangers, they've tried to make an album of differing shades . Commendable effort maybe but the risible ballad Daisy Chains and watered-down disco of Dynamite recall the likes of Just Jack rather than a translation of the in-your-face live force this act can conjure. Not even a cameo from Suggs and his harmonica on ska-tinged (what else?) closer Goodbye can save the day, and even the floorfillers - aside perhaps from the fluid menace of London Dreamer - lack memorable hooks despite blending elements from dance genres as diverse as breaks, hip-hop, grime and house. Give me Daft Punk indeed: catch these guys in a boozed-up tent this summer instead.



out of 10

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