Arabrӧt - Revenge

It’s quite rare these days to find a metal band making a racket that sounds really quite special, not horribly derivative and boring like so many bands that pop up these days do, and yet Arabrӧt sound truly horrifyingly awesome. From the raw and uncompromising vocals of Kerjetil Nernes to the tribal percussion overload that opens ‘The Most Sophisticated Form of Revenge’, this is an album that makes no exceptions for anyone. The press blurb talks of bands like The Jesus Lizard and the sorely underrated Karp and, to be honest, these bands are quite apt spring points. The 12-minute ‘The Delorous Years’ goes from bursts of screeching feedback to yelped vocals and razor sharp bass lines, all played with such abandon that you can’t help but give an evil grin.



out of 10
Category Capsule Review

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