April Maybe May

Originally released as a digital download last May, April Maybe May's self-titled debut album has been given a full distribution due to the success of the digital release. The sales must be down to people thinking it was too harsh to be critical of such a gentle and painfully twee record such as this as there isn't much of note on the album itself. It's clear from opening track 'Back To Me' that this is an album to drift away the summer days to and, to that extent, it succeeds as the soft melodies and peaceful vocals do sooth and it's all rather pretty on the ears but there is a complete lack of substance behind it. The use of a glockenspiel solo on 'For The Weekend' and 'Lost' might well be the final straw that makes April Maybe May even too laidback and kooky for Radio 2 listeners - although you have a feeling that Terry Wogan would have liked to play the beautiful piano ballad 'Sugar And Mess', one of the album's redeeming features. There's nothing intrinsically wrong with April Maybe May's debut album but it really is an album that seeks to do nothing that it isn't comfortable with and, as a result, it washes over you without even barely leaving a mark.



out of 10
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