Antoni Maiovvi - The Thorns Of Love

From the film director-ish pseudonym to the gory sleeve to the music on the disc, the infatuation here is obvious and unashamed. With The Thorns Of Love, Antoni Maiovvi (the Bristol-born but no-less-exotic-sounding Anton Maiof, who has made music in various genres) takes inspiration from the golden age of Italian horror cinema. 'This Is The Beast' and 'Class Dagger' will remind those of us that grew up with Dario Argento and Lucio Fulci of zombies, black gloved killers and scuzzy blood 'n' guts, all in fabulous third generation video quality. (Don't worry: if this sounds at all the preserve of spotty, obssessive virgins, it's been officially cool ever since Justice sampled Goblin's Tenebrae soundtrack on 'Phantom'.) Still none the wiser? Imagine lengthy compositions of slo mo Italo disco (as recently practiced by Kris Menace) imbued with the tension to accompany a stalk 'n' slash sequence. Elsewhere, 'Treason' is a sombre piano piece and 'Horsehead Blue' sounds like it has - to quote the press release - 'a coked up Brian Ferry' buried in the downbeat disco mix. By turns danceable, romantic and sinister, The Thorns Of Love is recommended; just make sure you don't sick up a vital organ.



out of 10
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