Anané - Ananésworld

After a childhood in the West African country of Cape Verde, Anané moved to New York. Getting involved in the city's clubbing scene, she met Louie Vega who would invite her to join Elements of Life Collective and eventually produce this album. With that background it's perhaps unsuprising that her sound bridges pop and world music; Ananésworld is a sprawling, mixed beast. She moves from a cover of Yoko Ono's 'Walking on Thin Ice' (disco - not awfully different from the original as far as I can tell) to the Grace Jones-styled reggae of 'Plastic People' to the tropical rhythms of Portugese-sung 'Terra Longe' - and that's just within the first four tracks. Amazingly, Anané only really misfires towards the end of these 15 tracks; 'Let Me Love You' sails too close to cheesy Europop and 'Shake It' seems to be channelling the baile funk craze of a few years ago, badly. If the point was to cram all the different aspects of her musical personality on to one CD, she may well have succeeded, but a slight trimming of a few naffer numbers would have resulted in a tighter, better album. Still, fans of black music from the 70s and 80s should find plenty on this platter to enjoy.



out of 10
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